We hope this answers any questions you have and if it does not please send us an email at

Safety and Security:                                                                                                                                                                                                               

With ReRyde, the safety of our riders is important which is why we have added these safety tools to ensure our rider security and safety.
Our driver partners are required to have proper insurance liability that is required by the province, however, ReRyde goes to the extent of carrying extra liability coverage for each trip in the amount of $5 million and in some provinces $10 million.

  • We do background and record checks on all of our drivers.

  • You are able to see the drivers and vehicles photo to ensure you are not getting into the wrong car. 

  • We have also added a panic button within the app in case of an emergency.

FAQ For Rider:

How to retrieve an Item or report a lost item?

  1. Go to your menu list. 
  2. Tap "trip history'' and select the trip you have forgotten your item from. 
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the trip page and tap "lost item". 
  4. Write a short description of the item and tap submit.

One of our team members will contact the driving partner and if the lost item is found, we can arrange one of the following options:

  • You may have the lost item brought to you for $10 delivery fee
  • We can arrange a mutually beneficial location for you to pick up the lost item

How can I get free ReRyde money?

By inviting your friends and family and getting them to sign up for ReRyde.  By using your unique invite code you accumulate ReRyde money which could be used towards your ride.  Remember every time you send someone your invite code, they also receive free ReRyde money. ReRyde money at the moment is only used within the app. Your friend must take a paying trip in order to receive your ReRyde money.

Does ReRyde have price match?

Yes, we do. If you can prove a similar company in the city has lower prices, we will beat them.

Why should I pick ReRyde? 

Because ReRyde cares about the community and its riders. The satisfaction of our customers comes before everything else.  ReRyde makes sure that all riders are happy. We take good care of our drivers and they take good care of you. We also beat competitors' prices.

If I have a complaint about where do I report it?

You can report your complaint to the following email address, and we will work to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

In order for us to resolve your complaint, we will require your full name, the drivers, date, time and a description of the issue.

You can obtain this information by following these steps:

  1. Tap the menu option on the main screen 
  2. Select  Ride History
  3. Open the Past tab
  4. Select the trip in question 

Would a bad rating affect me as a rider?

Yes, it will. We expect all our riders to respect our drivers. Too many bad ratings will lead to suspension of your service and an investigation by our team.  We do not tolerate disrespect of our drivers.

Can I bring my dog with me on a trip?

No, unless he/she is a service dog or if you have spoken with your ReRyde Driver and he/she has agreed to.

How do I download the rider app?

You can go to our "APP LINK" on the menu bar and select and download the ReRyde rider app or go to GOOGLE PLAY/APP STORE and search for ReRyde.

FAQ For Drivers:

Driver's Requirement Documents                                                                                                                                                                                     

To get started with ReRyde, you will need to have the following documents. Take a photo of each of them and upload them to your ReRyde account.

1-Driver's License
19+ years of age and must hold a full license based on the province you live in.

2. Proof of Work Eligibility
The documents that are eligible for proof:

  • Passport
  • Residency card
  • Birth certificate
  • Citizenship card
  • Work permit

3. Vehicle Registration

  • Both sides of the registration are required
  • Vehicle must pass a safety and mechanical inspection
  • Vehicle must be registered in your province 

4.Vehicle Certification of Inspection and Driver's Abstract                                                                                    

  • The shop must be recognized by the DMV branch in your province           
  • Driver's abstract: Must be issued by the DMV branch (Driver Motor Vehicle Branch) of your province.

5.Criminal Record Background Checks With Vulnerable Sector

6.Adult and Child Abuse Registry                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    This is only required in some provinces. If this is a requirement in your province, you have 90 days to submit your application after becoming an active driver.                                                                                                                          

Would I receive anything for referring a new driver to ReRyde?

When a new driver signs up with your unique code you will receive a payout if the driver is accepted and completes 20 trips within 30 days. The amount will show in your "Referral" category within the app menu.

How do I apply to become a driver?

You can go to our "APP LINK" on the menu bar and download the ReRyde Driver app or go to GOOGLE PLAY/APP STORE and search for ReRyde Driver. Fill out the form and upload all your documents and we will look over your documents.  If all documents check out, we will try to get you on the road within 1-4 weeks.

Is there a bonus for new drivers?

Yes, there is.  If a new driver completes 100 trips within the first 30 days of registration, they will receive a bonus of $300. This only applies to ReRyde drivers and not partnered companies drivers.  

Would a bad rating affect me as a driver?

Yes, it would. We monitor our ratings for drivers strictly to make sure we give everyone the best service and experience. If a driver accumulates too many bad ratings, their account will be suspended and investigated. Quality service and respect of our community is a must and we enforce that within our company strictly.  ReRyde expects all drivers to be respectful, helpful and kind to our riders and community.